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TCM Therapy

TCM Therapy

Tonifying, Strengthening and Supporting Yang.

Maintaining and protecting Yang Energy is the root of health maintenance and treating diseases as our whole life is a process of the decline of Yang Energy.

The moxibustion method uses the herb Mugwart for its pure Yang Energy quality, which is the best way to tonify Yang Qi and prolong lifespan. Moxibustion cabin combines Infrared rays with the herb through the 12 points along the channels so as to balance and regulate the health of the body.

Moxibustion can free course liver Qi and improve the imbalance of the endocrine by regaining the Yang Qi and stabilizing the gallbladder, warming and tonifying the Yang Qi, regulating the Spleen and kidneys.

Moxibustion Cabin

Acupuncture focuses on the problems of Qi stagnation and Blood stasis in the channels by using many methods such as needling, tuina (massage), cupping and scraping.

Acupuncture & Therapeutic Massage


It is inherited by the Da Lu master of the Mr. Song YuMing who is practicing in martial art and the Traditional Chinese Medicine in Er sheng temple.

It both helps regulate the interior five organs and the exterior five elements by the functions of the generation and the controlling of the five elements so as to regulate and alleviate the diseases, strengthen the body and prolong the lifespan. It is suitable for the different ages.

Shape-Will Fist


What does DDS Bio-electricity mean?

DDS is the English abbreviation for the trans-dermal drug delivery system. Traditional methods of administration: oral, intravenous, surgical and Chinese medicine (paste plaster, fumigation, scraping, cupping, acupuncture)
How to explain our technology, acid-base flat DDS bio-electricity?
This technology is an organic combination of three, bio-electricity, special techniques, and highly alkaline external medicine. The physiotherapist uses the characteristic method of bio-electricity to quickly penetrate the oil and paste containing high alkalinity into the deep layer of the patient’s diseased tissue. The acid-base flat osmotic oil contains a lot of alkaline elements and has a positive charge, which can be used in the body. Excessively charged acid ions are sucked out to clean the acidic waste in the body and excreted through the blood circulation. At the same time, the bio-electricity activates the cells under the action of alkaline ions, quickly and deeply penetrates the meridians, and exhausts the ventilators. cold. The physiotherapist benefits himself while conditioning the patient. Zero risk, green, painless, and efficient, the patient is conditioned in the enjoyment, known as happiness therapy, painless.

DDS conditioning is one of the national support projects

The ancients said, “Ning things are warm, not cold.” Modern people tend to do the opposite. From childhood, air conditioners, refrigerators, and cold drinks are everywhere, and women are wearing beautiful navels and open backs. Use a lot of cold drugs, hormones. Bulimia eating cold food, even wearing skirts riding electric cars all the year round, the body’s yang is lost, resulting in low immunity, dysfunctional body systems, cold and cold, and caused various pains, sub-health, lifelong illness, chronic.

Where is the disease going?

The best way is to use bio-electric therapy at Guanyuan, and Zusanli and Zhongyu points to supplement the body’s Yuanyang. This is a cure. At the same time, the local pain points are given to the essential oil. This is the palliative.

Bio-electric, can it be beauty?

Yes. Bio-electricity in the acupoints, Guanyuan points, Zusanli, regulating the inside and raising the outside, treating both the symptoms and the symptoms, and modulating the innate nature through the system of regulating endocrine, so that the body’s blood is sufficient and up to the head, with refreshing and facial features. The effect of skin light can effectively dilute and decompose the melanin precipitation of facial epidermis, eliminate facial edema, eye bags, dark circles, pigmentation, etc., effectively improve facial tiredness, and make the majority of women who love beauty, facial features, skin color rosy, elastic No wrinkles, no spots, fullness, and radiance.
Moreover, at the same time of beauty, it can be used to lose weight through endocrine and other systems to eradicate the role of gynecological diseases.
How to use bioelectricity for colds, how to apply mud moxibustion?
Bioelectricity is very effective in delivering electricity to the large vertebrae. Most patients can be cured once. The patient looks down at the seventh vertebra at the highest point of the cervical vertebra to find the “Dazhui acupoint”. It is better to give the essential oil to the skin with red hair and tidal wave; it is best to have sweat per treatment.

There is no seasonal limit for bioelectricity?

No. Any season is fine. You can help Fuyang at four o’clock. Although the disease of the human body is prone to recurrence when the trees are germinated in spring, the human body produces yang, the bioelectric effect is better, and the winter disease is treated in summer, and the effect is better when applying mud and moxibustion, etc., etc., are relatively speaking.
If there is anything wrong with it, it is not necessary to wait until a specific solar term to re-preserve.

What conditions can’t use bioelectricity?

  1. pregnant woman does not do
  2. serious heart disease carefully
  3. blood pressure is higher than 160 or not
  4. extreme fatigue, hunger, fullness, drunkenness, sweating, emotional instability, or women’s menstrual care
  5. certain infectious diseases, high fever, coma, convulsions, or extreme exhaustion of the body, such as thin bones
  6. people without self-control ability, such as patients, etc.
  7. body has steel nails, metal, heart stent does not do
  8. cancer patients do not do

Can bio-electricity really last?

Yes, bio-electric energy dredges meridians, can supplement Yuanyang, supplement human life energy, minimize disease and enjoy its natural life. The law of life, bio-electricity is the first.

How to use bioelectricity for girls with long-term physical weakness?

In Guanyuan, Zhongli, Zusanli uses bioelectric power.

Always have a cold, how to use bio-electricity?

Usually in Guanyuan, Zusanli, Zhongyu gives electricity and improves immunity. When the cold is given, the big vertebra is given electricity. Whether it is a cold or a cold, you can give electricity to the big vertebra.

How to use bio-electricity for rheumatoid?

Due to the weak yang, and long-term wetlands, it will cause rheumatism and rheumatoid syndrome. In developed countries, rheumatoid disease is called the second cancer. Western medicine believes that it is an incurable disease. It can only use hormones to alleviate the pain of patients. With Chinese body-controlled bioelectricity, the cure rate is very high.
If you use bio-electricity, you can apply electricity to Guanyuan and Zhonglu points. The heat will pass to the joints of the limbs. There is no unhealed. From the experience and theory of clinical practice, you are eradicating rheumatoid disease. The most effective method.
The method of bioelectric meridian health must make the rheumatoid factor negative, but the severely deformed bone is extremely difficult to return to normal form.
Give electricity to Guanyuan, Zhongli, Zusanli, and local pain points.

How to use bioelectricity for cervical spondylosis?

Cervical spondylosis is mainly caused by long-term low-head work. Long-term bowing will make the neck muscles strain and strain, and the treatment should be treated with Dazhui. The effect of using traction to treat cervical spondylosis is very poor. Because when the patient is afraid, the patient is afraid that the neck will be pulled off, and will unconsciously resist the traction, which will make the muscles more tense.

DDS Bio-electricity


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