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About Us


 the More Beautiful You 

at Awesome Aesthetics Clinic

New Zealand’s beautiful and free immigrant country has a diverse culture. Awesome Aesthetics Clinic  is based on the principle of Chinese medicine bodybuilding and fitness, and adds the psychological characteristics of modern people’s quick beauty. The Chinese and Western team established this Beauty and Wellness Centre.

Here you can let senior Chinese doctors treat you with pulse, acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion cabin therapy, and use traditional Chinese medicine to get maintenance, repair, weight loss and conditioning.

You can also enjoy the most fashionable beauty whitening of modern people, thin face slimming needle (New Zealand senior beauty professional nurse operation) We also have US Botox and German Xeomin® injection license. Our licensed beauticians have a sophisticated and gentle professional approach to provide deep facial cleansing, small bubble cleaner, eye care, neck care, facial scraping, facial muscle extraction, whole body lymphatic drainage and essential oil open back. The beauty products cooperate with the top French brand Sothys skin care company, let you finish our skin care and go out to shine, with a star-like extraordinary temperament. We also offer professional custom-made lines such as eye-catching lines and spotted enamel.

Come to the Awesome Aesthetics Clinic to be as warm and comfortable as home.


新西兰美丽自由的移民国家,具有着多元化的文化。Awesome Aesthetics Clinic 本着中医养身健身的原理,又添加了现代人速成爱美的心理特征,中西合璧建立了这个Beauty and Wellness Centre。



来Awesome Aesthetics Clinic像家一般的温暖与舒适。


Awesome Aesthetic Clinic承诺在客人护理的各方面为您提供卓越服务。我们对质量和安全性作出承诺,以帮助您改善个人形象和自尊心。